Sensei’s Corner (Summer 2016)

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Sensei's Corner
It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the names of the 13 recipients of this year’s $1,000. College Scholarships.

This year’s group brings us to a total of 272 Black Belt graduating seniors that have been awarded the Northwest American Shudokan Association College Scholarships.

Congratulations to:

Sophie Allen, Alyssa Baisler, Ashley Blas, Mac Heric, Colton Hill, Nathan Jensen, Samuel Krogh, Kevin Mattappally, Grace Rigoni, Cole Roebuck, Robert Sequin, Olivia Steffey, and Jace Torres .

Watching these outstanding young people grow up in our dojos has been inspirational to say the least. To demonstrate such commitment, dedication, determination and discipline from such an early age is a rare quality and one that will serve them well as they pursue their very challenging and honorable career goals. I feel very confident that our world will be a better place because of their efforts andinfluence.

-Sensei Mack


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