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Hanshi Morris Mack (at Black Belt Award Ceremony in 2016)

Hanshi Morris Mack (at Black Belt Award Ceremony in 2016)

Hanshi Morris L. Mack opened the Yakima School of Karate in 1961, teaching the style of Shudokan Karate-do for over 50 years, with a strong emphasis on the “do” (pronounced “doe”)… how to live, think, and do in all aspects and situations of life.

While the training that Sensei (“Instructor”) Mack and his senseis  lead deal with expected things like self-improvement and self-defense, the teachings also deal with how to live happily in society, how to enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships, how to improve our community, and the importance of loyalty.

From the moment new students join the dojo (“karate school”) they are quickly immersed in new and exciting ways to defend themselves. One way they learn these skills is by anticipating danger and observing the body language and subconscious signals of those around them. The concept of being always aware is something that is a key element to karate and is trained as rigorously as how to punch and kick. Sensei Mack’s insightful and riveting approach to karate makes training a fascinating experience as well as a healthy and socially rewarding one. People quickly bond and grow to trust each other in karate through the one-on-one training methods.

One of the most remarkable features of the Yakima School of Karate is the growth of the entire school, not only in numbers of students, but in the new directions karate is taking us. The constant evolution of growth at all ages and all ranks sets our school apart from most. Although Sensei Mack studied under the same instructor, Shihan Walter Todd, for over 45 years and was always fiercely loyal to his sensei throughout his life, he has also studied the life and background of the founder of Shudokan Karate, Kanken Toyama, and has had the privilege of training with many direct decendants of Toyama Sensei’s teachers. It is through this research and training that growth and progress in the art have, and will continue to evolve. Sensei Mack’s life-long love and dedication to the Martial Arts is evident in his ever-present enthusiasm and eagerness to share knowledge with all who share his desire to grow and improve, both physically and mentally.

These qualities may explain why such a large percentage of the students training at YSK are Black Belts – many having trained with Sensei Mack for over forty years. Of the large number of Black Belts actively training, nearly half that number are women. The respect and consideration shown all students makes YSK a very comfortable place for everyone to train, from 4 year olds to 94 year olds.

Classes are offered by age and rank at a variety of days and times to meet any schedule.


We’re located in Yakima, Washington at 13 North 7th Avenue…right next to the corner of Summitview Ave. and Yakima Ave. The first class is free, so why not try out a class?

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