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  • Classes are taught by motivational Black Belt instructors
  • Easy to learn 
  • NEW High Impact boxing bags
  • Dressing rooms with showers
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Attention!!! Classes and Class Schedules Explained

We want each student to get the most out of every class and workout so we have modified the Kickboxing program.

These High energy, Fun, Kickboxing Classes will be taught in “progression”. Meaning, the program is built on combos that are memorized by each student.

So with that in mind, every new student will need to take the level 1 classes and only those classes. 

The instructor will train the student in Level 1 classes and when the student has learned the necessary combos, the instructor will pass the student onto the Level 2 class.

The student, with the Instructors OK can then begin taking the level 2 classes.

At that time the student can continue to take the level 1 classes in addition to the Level 2 classes.

Please check the School Calendar for specific days and times for classes. Click Here!

We hope this is not confusing so, if you have questions please ASK your instructor.

Happy Kickboxing!!!

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