White Belt Q & A

Welcome New Students

Congratulations. You have taken the 1st step in your Martial Arts Training. Here are some usual questions of new students And the answers. If you have any other questions, Please Ask!!

White Belt Class Schedule

There are many class times. Please refer to the main class calendar and discuss all of your class options with your instructor.

Can I try a class out for FREE?

YES, your first class to try us out is always FREE! You may wear loose fitting comfortable exercise clothes.

Is there a joining Fee?


Do I have to have a uniform?

Yes, you will need to purchase a “Gi” (pronounced GEE) uniform. You will be very comfortable and able to work out better in a GI.

Gi is required after your first week of class.  It is $40 plus tax.

What about other equipment? What will I have to buy?

All students must purchase their own mouth guard, case and cup/support(boys only).

By the time they obtain their yellow belt, ALL students must purchase their own gloves (required for all), helmet and faceshield (required for all students 18 and under).

Is there a cost for testing.

You will be testing as you progress up each belt level. We test in Yakima every 4 months.

The cost to test is $40 and includes your American Shudokan Association Fees.

We are members of the American Shudokan Association and they offer scholarships for every black belt student graduating from High School.