The LEgacy of Hanshi Morris Mack

Sensei Morris Mack impacted the lives of thousands through the martial arts. In 1961, Sensei Mack founded his first dojo in Gleed, Washington. A modest affair, the Gleed dojo produced numerous legendary stories of the intense training that went on there. It was there that Sensei Mack began to realize that martial arts could be about more than punching and kicking, it could be an avenue for the development of one's character. 

Over the next 56 years, Sensei Mack would create an organization that included more than thirty schools spread throughout the United States. He built lifelong friendships with master instructors from around the world, gaining their knowledge of martial arts and their respect for his perennially positive attitude. Sensei Mack's reputation culminated in his promotion to the highest possible rank, Jyu-Dan (tenth degree black belt), which was bestowed prior to Hanshi (master instructor) Mack's passing. 

At Y.S.K., we aim to continue Hanshi Mack's legacy of respect, generosity, and the joyful expression of Shudokan Karate-Do.

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