Sword Class

The sword class at YSK focuses on practical and efficient technique with the Japanese sword. We explore and practice multiple styles of training including Batto-do and Eishin Ryu. We have both a youth program and an adult program. While all students begin practice with a wooden practice sword or bokken, the goal of both programs is for students to develop enough proficiency and confidence with the blade in order to train with live steel. Our group uses drills, partner techniques called kumitachikata, and the cutting of real targets, a practice known as tameshigiri, to learn and perfect the control, decisiveness, and calm attitude required by our art. First and foremost, safety is our priority. If you are looking to experience a traditional Japanese weapon in a safe environment and with a dedicated group for support and collaboration, come and join us! 

-Elise Holbrook, Lead Sword Instructor 


Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba. It can be roughly translated as “The Path of Harmony with Life Energy” and the art itself derives from a synthesis of Japanese jiu-jitsu and open-handed variations on weapons fighting. Unlike most arts, the aikido practitioner is not learning to block, kick, or punch; rather, to guide and deflect an attack into a position of safety for the defender. This soft core leads to an art that can be practiced by those who don’t want hard impact but still want to know the principles of defense. The style we practice at Yakima Aikido places greater emphasis on practicality than many others, and encourages “top down” thinking about movement and action. What does any of this mean for the new practitioner? It means come on down, learn to roll with us, and in return you’ll have a better understanding of how to think about conflict, which will allow you to not only perform set techniques, but be able to improvise on the fly while staying consistent with bedrock principles.

- Quinten Bowman, Lead Aikido Instructor