Mike Franco

Owner, Black Belt Instructor

Shihan Mike Franco started training at the age of 8 under his father, Shihan John M. Franco Sr, in Toppenish, Washington. While training hundreds of students at TMAA (which he opened at age 24 with Sensei Sarah) Shihan Mike has continued his own training with a variety of sensei including his father (until Shihan John’s death in 2013) and Hanshi Morris Mack—founder of the American Shudokan Association—(until Hanshi Mack’s death in 2017). Other instructors who have had notable influence were Shihan Tereo Chinen, Spokane; Shihan James Tawatao, Las Vegas; and Shihan Akio Minakami, Seattle.

Shihan Mike loves seeing people succeed both in and outside the dojo. Since 1998, teaching karate has allowed him to combine the two passions in his life: exploring his own growing hunger for deeper knowledge of karate and his desire to see people succeed in life. It is his calling to coach and mentor students through their respective journey to achieve their goals and dreams. This approach has seen Shihan Mike and Sensei Sarah use Shudokan Karate to help hundreds of students be better leaders in their homes, school, church, or wherever their journey leads them.

James Robinson

General Manager, Lead Taichi Instructor

“Karate has fundamentally impacted my life. Over the course of my training I’ve met many of my closest friends and mentors. Through the practice of karate I have gained an understanding and respect for myself and my body. Learning self-awareness at a young age has guided me through tough choices and has provided innumerable benefits. Sharing the journey of martial arts with others is one of my greatest joys!”

- Sensei James Robinson

Nathan Jensen

Nathan Jensen started training in karate at the age of 10. Beginning in the home-school class, he originally hoped to become a ninja. Since then he has decided to put that plan on the back burner, in favor of learning traditional kobudo (weapons) techniques and teaching students that karate is more than a physical sport. Karate is also about respect - for yourself as well as others - discipline, and family.


BEcca Crabtree

Lead Little Dragons Instructor-Tournament Team Captain

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to do karate, but I didn’t realize just how much it would impact my life. Not only did it bring me lifelong friends, but also a family I didn’t know I needed. Karate has taught me to deal with problems with a level head, and to approach those problems from new angles. It has taught me that no matter what I can always continue to push my physical and mental limits, that I can always be better. When I say I enjoy everything about karate, I mean everything.”

- Sensei Becca Crabtree


Quinten Bowman

Lead Aikido Instructor

Sensei Quinten is a life-long martial artist. He began here at YSK at the age of 10. Now he holds a 4th degree black belt in Shudokan karatedo. While away for law school he cross-trained in Tetsu Cho-cho Aikido, now holding a 2nd degree black belt in that art. He is currently the sensei of the Aikido program housed at YSK. Not being content, he also has a 1st degree black belt in Battodo.

Primarily teaching Aikido, Quinten Sensei’s teaching focus has been on approachable non-lethal martial arts, recognizing that not every confrontation needs to involve serious injury to one party. It is to everyone’s benefit if a conflict can be resolved prior to irreparable harm. That said, his diverse background allows him to teach when and how to flow into a more decisive response to attack when appropriate.